Psychological reasons of erectile dysfunction

Psychological reasons include:

1. The weakening of the psychological intimacy between spouses:

– fading of feelings

The extinction of feelings often occurs at a subconscious level, and therefore the incorrect spouse is inclined to find fault with trifles, as well as blame the wife for the problems of potency: “You have recovered greatly – take care of yourself urgently!” wear glasses all the time, wear lenses, otherwise I’m not excited ”,“ I’m bored with you, dance striptease. Striptease you dance badly, you – thin / fat.

– obsession with yourself

Often spouses cease to act as a team and concentrate only on themselves. For example, a wife is so obsessed with herself that she ceases to notice her husband’s problems at work, with relatives, etc. This builds a wall of misunderstanding between spouses, the husband may regard this behavior as a loss of interest in himself and his life.

2. The lack of novelty in sex

Sex in the same pose, on the same sofa, the same type of sexual roles and caresses – what could be more boring? If the spouse does not receive new impressions and emotions from physical intimacy, it becomes more and more difficult for him to maintain his sexual desire in relation to his wife. Often this cause is directly related to somatic disease, such as circulatory disorders.

3. Unreacted stress

Mammoth races to feed the family, work overload, stress from building a career and business, as well as idle traffic jams and other factors undermine the nervous system of men. They sleep little, eat irregularly, are deficient in vitamins and minerals, rarely in the fresh air. Stress gradually accumulates if it does not find a way out.

Solution: do not fall for the provocations of men. Wrinkles, glasses, cellulite absolutely nothing to do with. If only because, earlier he did not pay attention to these shortcomings, but now they suddenly prevented him. Saying hurtful words, a man wants to shift the responsibility on you. Do not insult him in return. Perhaps he was in a panic from his illness, and perhaps your feelings for him began to fade. What to do?

A man now needs not sex, but a feeling of togetherness, psychological intimacy, emotions. Nothing is more precious than communication. Communicate with your husband, talk about his problems, affairs at work, health of parents, about dreams, plans, about childhood, students, about the future. We are sure you will discover many new things. Share funny stories. Return friendship to your union!

Cause of indisposition: self-obsession

Solution: this also occurs due to the loss of team spirit. Use the tips described above.

Cause of indisposition: lack of novelty in sex

Solution: in sex all ways are good if they are a pleasure. If your man is healthy physiologically or has small deviations, he will like your initiative. Change the role of a passive participant to a passionate lover, buy yourself an outfit that your spouse would like. It may not necessarily be sexy underwear. Some may like an elegant long dress, emphasizing the passion hiding in you. Take a vacation – it is known that new places give new emotions and increase sensuality. Other tips can be read here.

Cause of indisposition: unreacted stress

Solution: all men are conscious and subconscious fighters. Therefore, a home for them is a refuge where you can hide. Help him in this. Prepare for the husband a bath with sea salt, make a light massage or meet him in a new way.

In short, distract him from problems and negative thoughts.

If a man wants to share, keep the conversation going, but don’t lash out with tips. Show that you are near, always support, sympathize and believe that he will cope with everything.