How can you suffer from erectile dysfunction?

A romantic dinner, a relaxed mood and the woman of your dreams

All this not just hints, but directly says that the evening should end in a certain way. But sometimes this does not happen. And not because she was not set to continue. And because you could not even start.

Erectile dysfunction is a more common phenomenon than we used to think. According to statistics, every third man is faced with similar episodes. In fact, serious problems with erection (including the inability to achieve orgasm or maintain an erection throughout the sexual intercourse) are not so many men, and in the overwhelming majority this is due to age. Thus, according to studies, about 4% of men over the age of 50 years old and almost 50% of men over 75 years of age face erectile dysfunction.

If this phenomenon occurs not so rarely, this is certainly a reason to consult a specialist. Doctors say that professional help is needed when erection problems begin to give you tangible physical or psychological discomfort. However, sometimes episodes are caused by things you might not even think about.

7 tips for wives whose husbands suffer from erectile dysfunction

  1.  Be tactful. For men, sexual problems are a disaster, so any jokes, taunts can only aggravate the situation.
  2.  Tell your husband that you are always on his side and are ready to help and support in difficult times.
  3.  Notify that in 70% of cases, problems related to potency are of a physiological nature and may be consequences of the most common diseases. And 95% of cases are treated.
  4.  Discuss sexual issues outside the bedroom. And not immediately after the unsuccessful contact, but after a few days or weeks. During this time, everything can get better.
  5.  Treat the problem of impotence of the husband as an ordinary task that needs to be solved jointly.
  6.  If an erection is not yet possible, do not waste time – experiment, find other means of maintaining intimacy.
  7.  Do not stop emotional communication with your spouse, he should not feel abandoned.